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I have been training in Kajukenbo since November 2002. My instructor is Senior Grand Master Tino Paz, Owner of Paz Kajukenbo Karate and Kung Fu School in Caldwell, Id. I am currently a 5th Degree Black Belt, promoted in June 2018.

My goal is to teach the next generation of martial artists, to ensure that Kajukenbo continues to grow globally!
Kajukenbo is a blended martial art, formed in Hawaii in the late 1940's (1947-1949). The name comes from the 5 martial arts that were blended together to form the first American martial art. The martial arts and Masters are listed below:

KA: Tang Soo Do Karate: Peter Young Yil Choo
JU: Se Keino Ryu Judo: Frank Ordonez; Kodenkan Danzan Ryu Jujitsu: Joseph Holck
KEN: Kosho Ryu Kenpo: Adriano Emerado
BO: Chu'an Fa Kung Fu: Clarence Chang

Kajukenbo is a self defense martial art, designed to teach students to protect themselves and others from street fighters. Even though self defense is the primary focus of training, our art also has forms, called Pinyons or Palama Sets. Instructors teach the forms, light contact sparring, escrima sticks, self defense, and principles of each martial art: Karate, Judo, Jujitsu, Kenpo, and Kung Fu.

Students are taught discipline, respect for others, self confidence, and a healthy life style. Students test for each belt promotion, and receive a certificate and new belt from the instructor. Tests are designed to reflect the student's ability to demonstrate techniques, light contact sparring, and forms. The instructor sets the time frame for testing, based on the progression of the individual students selected. Students also can and are encouraged to participate in local seminars and martial arts tournaments.

I am a native Idahoan, born in Jerome. I was raised in California with my parents, and siblings (sister and brother). I attended schools in Idaho and California, graduating High School in 1975. I graduated from Diablo Valley College in 1981 with an A.A. degree in General Education, and an emphasis in Administration of Justice.
My employment history includes Janitorial Services, Fiberglass Construction, Security, and Production Operator. I retired From Plexus Corp. in December 2018 after 20 years of employment.

I have now open my own martial arts school in Twin Falls, ID. There are seven Kajukenbo Schools in the Treasure Valley, all under my instructor. I chose Twin Falls, as it is my home! I have family in Twin Falls, and Jerome.

Steven D. Taylor
Title: Sifu
Rank: 5th Degree Black Belt
Style: Kajukenbo